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Working For You...

"What do you mean when you say 'Make your electronics work for you'?"  It's simple, we integrate your electronics into your home.  Whether its by hiding your DVD player and satellite receiver in a closet, or hiding your whole TV, we make 'em work for you!  Check out the pictures to the right and you'll see what we mean.

1.  In the first image, we have hidden a 42" plasma television in the ceiling of this gazebo.  In the closed position, the only thing you see is the standard beaded board ceiling.  When the television is turned on, the ceiling opens up and the TV descends as if by magic.  Not only does it look great, but it keeps the TV safe even when installed in a boathouse hundreds of feet from your home.

2.  In the second and third images, we had a request from a homeowner to place a television in an out-of-the-way location in the bathroom. The challenge was the customer wanted to be able to see it from the shower, which was on an adjacent wall.  SOLUTION... recess the TV into the wall using a cantilever mount that allows it to be pulled from the wall and rotated over 180 degrees for viewing.

3.  The fourth picture in the series presents some of our most sought after solutions.  The first thing you will notice is the bright picture at the end of the room.  This a flat screen television hidden behind a beautiful work of art... literally.  You choose the frame and the print from our vast selection and we place it on your wall.  When the television is turned off, the print rolls down and covers the screen.  When the TV is on, the print hides inside the frame. 

Additionally in this room we have hidden speakers in the sheetrock.  No, not the visible speaker grills (those are there intentionally to fool your eye) there are actually speakers on the other side of the medallion decoration.  These speakers are placed in the wall during construction and become part of the sheetrock.  With a solution like this, any room of the home can be beautiful to her and exciting for him! 

A solution not shown on this page, but that is also available, is a mirrored television.  We can hide a television behind a mirror (bathrooms are a popular spot for this solution) that is either the same size as the screen (as in the fourth picture) or that is much larger, such as behind the vanity mirror over your sink. 





Of course, we also install spectacular home theaters.  From simple systems in the Living Room to full-blown theaters that include ticket booths, popcorn machines and marquees, we can build the system to fulfill your dreams AND your budget (whichever is smaller).  At left are two pictures of the theater in our Birmingham showroom.