Home Theater Experience

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In addition to the exciting audio and video solutions we have, we also offer lighting control, structured wiring, central vacuum systems and security systems.


Have you ever come home to a dark house and wished you remembered to leave a lamp on, or gotten in the bed and remembered you didn't turn off the lights downstairs?  Or maybe you just want to dim the lights as your favorite movie begins playing in the DVD player.  We design and install lighting control systems from simple one-load systems to complete home control.  Using quality components from companies such as Centralite and Lutron we can create the perfect mood with your lighting.


Some people think of speakers all over the home as surround sound.  The correct term is distributed audio and we are the leaders in providing speaker solutions for all areas of your home.  You have already read about our invisible speakers, but we also have in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that are flush-mounted in your walls and other exciting products like planting pots with speakers embedded in them and even rocks that contain speakers.  How would you like a speaker in the shower so you can catch up on the morning news?  Seem strange?  Once you've used them, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.  How about speakers in the garage, or around the pool.  Don't worry about the music being too loud, the advantage of multiple speakers is the volume can be lower while maintaining good audibility around the home.  Let us show you how we can make your home sound better.